General Administration

The Following info is available for download:

Age 3 to 6




In 2019 the school terms are as follows:

Term 1:
Wednesday 16 January – Friday 12 April
Half-term: Thursday 21 February – Tuesday 26 February (inclusive)

**Public holidays are on Thursday 21 March, thus we will be closed on Friday 22 March for those who wish to travel.

Term 2:
Wednesday 8 May – Thursday 8 August
Half-term: Friday 28 June – Monday 8 July (exclusive)

**Public holidays are on Sunday 16 June (Youth Day), thus we will be closed on Monday 17 June.

Term 3:
Wednesday 10 September – Friday 6 December
Half-term: Thursday 24 October – Tuesday 29 October (inclusive)

Please note: There will be no school on Public Holidays Holiday school periods will be planned and managed independently by the school directresses.



Children must come with their snack that should contain food that they are able to manage themselves, and that is healthy – please no refined foods or sugar and only water to drink! Muffins, chips and popcorn are party snacks and should be left at home as treats! Yogurts are too messy and are most often left half-eaten, thus get thrown away, so please keep these for home as well! Nappies are provided as long as you have no particular preference! Please supply sunscreen for your child should you think they need to have it re-applied here. Should your child be in the process of toilet training, we will do anything we can to assist.

The school is run more as a family unit than anything else and so I try to be as adaptable to parents needs as I can be! Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on 082 523 7909 Or 011 784 1270, or email me – I wish you all the very best and look forward to nurturing your children in this very special school.