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Eighteen months to three years

We begin at Little Corner House at the age of eighteen months, still toddlers and in need of much care. These children develop remarkably, not only do they grow phenomenally, but they continue to develop psychologically, intellectually socially and spiritually.

Montessori called this age, from birth through to age three the period of the “unconscious absorbent mind”. “Sensorial impressions are merely registered within the mind”. At this age the children need an immense dose of love and affirmation while playing alongside adults and older peers. They are acquiring the language from the community they are being raised in as well as their cultural beliefs. Our time consists of a lot of language use: rhyme, rhythm, lots of chatter and music. Heuristic play is encouraged and the process of normalisation follows from allowing the child to be encouraged to be independent, while never abandoning them. These children are free to learn from playing, they are not free to do nothing at all. The environment is very safe, aesthetically pleasing and lots of fun.

The children in this age group have an immense capacity to absorb knowledge through watching and then repeating, and the environment is planned around helping them to achieve this.


Three to six years

Meet our Staff

We are all here to help you

Bronwyn McBean

Principal & Directress for the 18 month – 3 year old group

Has a diploma in business management! Worked as a production manager in Financial Advertising agencies for years. Is an advanced student of Brain Gym which she just never gets around to doing except in her classroom. Has a Diploma in Montessori Practice ages 3 – 6 from the Modern College of Montessori.

Has attended many infant courses, most notably the Montessori Infant Toddler Workshop delivered by Dawn Nasser from Spectrum Montessori, UK. Has completed a course on Montessori education and the traditional Grade R requirements, and how the two can be accommodated in a Montessori environment.

Finds the classroom as much of a process of discovery as her students/peers, however due to the fantastic numbers of students here, she spends most of her time chasing her tail trying to ensure that best practices are followed, and the best and most passionate Directresses get employed.
Has the best job in the World!

Louise Sutherland

Music Teacher

Louise has a Bachelor of music Honours from the University of Pretoria and specialises in
active listening to music through dramatisation and instrument play with children.  Louise worked with the music education specialist
Dr Zenda Nel, who devised a specialist music and movement programme specially for pre, primary and children with special needs.
She has worked in Taiwan using music to aid in teaching English as a foreign language to children aged 5 – 15 years.
Louise has worked with children with autism at UNICA school in Pretoria and is currently employed part-time at St Vincent’s school for the Deaf.

Louise is currently studying for an NQF 5 level in Early Childhood Development through the compass Academy of Learning, in order to qualify to teach as well.  After that we are hoping to convert her to the Montessori methodology!

We welcome her and look forward to seeing some amazing musical play!

Ayoola Oduntan

Directress 3 – 6 year old group

Is 26 and hails from Nigeria.  Although schooled globally she completed her secondary education, and has been studying, and settled, in South Africa, for nine years.

After completing her IEB through Damelin Eden College in Randburg, she undertook a B Com in Economics through UNISA and is currently completing her honours.

She worked for a couple of months as an English teacher at English First,  and then realised that her passion was to teach.  What better way to begin that journey with the concept of little minds evolving in to the much needed fine minds of the future, hence she chose to train in the methodology in which she was raised, and in which we all firmly believe.

She successfully graduated from the College of Modern Montessori after studying full-time which included doing her practical hours at Little Corner house.  She passed this course with flying colours, leading to her being invited to join the team at Little Corner House.

“ I’m loving the experience.  I work with the toddlers, and love observing the way in which they absorb knowledge unconsciously – they are a joy to spend time with!  My vision is to grow along with the children as we impact on each other forever by letting the Montessori method flourish within us!”

Winnie Nyanzane

Assistant 18 month – 3 year old group

Started assisting Bronwyn domestically after the birth of her third child, Zachary.  She has been part of Little Corner House since its inception and her assistance is invaluable.  Winnie is the eyes, ears, empathy, and Guardian of this school, and loves every minute of her day.

She has started her journey studying Montessori Education through the College of Modern Montessori – age 3 – 6, and we wish her all the very best.  There are no limits with Winnie.

Nicola Amoretti

Directress 3 – 6 year old group

Has taught in a Montessori environment for 11 years and is passionate about Maria Montessori’s ideology.  She has headed up a classroom with up to 48 children and is enjoying the smaller and more intimate environment at Little Corner House.

Nicola is a Mother with 3 grown children and 1 grandchild (who attends Little Corner House) with another on the way!  She happily gets to spend her spare time in a number of nature-compatible pursuits, as well as planning her classes, of course!

Cindy Madisha

Assistant 18 month – 3 year old group

Started her teaching career assisting in a traditional school.
In 2014, when she started as an assistant in the 3 – 6 age group classroom in a Montessori environment, she realised that Montessori was her real passion.  She especially enjoys the one-on-one interaction with children.
Cindy is currently completing her studies through the College of Modern Montessori.

Olive Mothiba

Student and assistant for 18 month – 3 year old group

My name is Olive Mothiba

I matriculated in 2015 from Greenside High School and joined Little Corner House in 2016, assisting wherever hands were required!

I am currently studying a bachelor of business administration(BBA) through Rosebank College, distance learning, and spend most of my days in the calm and flexible environment that is Little Corner House Montessori pre-primary. I have taken over the baking with the children and get great satisfaction from seeing them enjoy the activity. Baking is wonderful for children and assists with the concepts of measurement and spacial perception, as well helping to strengthen hands as we mix, preparing us for writing in the future!

During the short time I have spent here, I have learnt so much and my knowledge grows on a daily basis. It is very rewarding and joyful to work with, and grow, with the children.

Who We Are

The story of Little Corner House

Little Corner House has been running since 2008, and was started by invitation from a number of Mothers who had very small children whom they wished to see in a nurturing, yet stimulating environment that would be conducive to the children’s ages and stage of development (from about 12 months up to age two and a half!).

With this in mind we began with a group of 6 children in a wendyhouse in September 2008. Thereafter the school was more formally developed on the premises of 91 Victoria Avenue, Parkmore, in January 2009. I spotted a large gap in the market of pre-primary Montessori schools: they generally only accepted children after the age of three and I had many enquiries to care for children under the age of 2! I took these children on, and went through a huge learning curve, noticing the difference in age and age appropriate activities when considering how children learn. The building that is now Little Corner House was built and we took occupation in 2010. I then observed that the age group where interest really develops unconsciously, and becomes spontaneous, is from the age of about 18 months, when the language “explosion” occurs, when the child is mobile and less likely to put absolutely everything in their mouths! Thus, we invite applicants from the age of 18 months up to age six. LCH was always regarded as a stop-gap for children going into more formal nursery schools at age three, however,  our children started staying on, facilitating a need for larger and more varied learning environments, and we still constantly try to keep it beautiful and applicable for our children’s learning needs – physical, mental, cultural and spiritual.

Six years on we have grown from a group of 6 children, into a thriving community of  36 children ranging in age from 18 months up to the age of 6.  We still maintain the very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing premises where we strive to follow the child and allow them to learn “lessons for life”.  The school is constantly evolving and developing, and we grow annually in numbers.  We still maintain our very high standard of care and the premises are still treated and cared for as a “home away from home” for each child.

Mission statement

This space is created for children in the First Plane of Development, from birth to age six – a home away from home that encourages development in all areas: socially, intellectually, emotionally and physiologically. A place for children where they are free to learn, discover and express themselves in an aesthetically pleasing and well-prepared environment, with no fear of abandonment. These children will be encouraged to be independent by closely following the Fundamental Principles of Montessori Schools worldwide, and will not be subject to any prejudice especially with regard to colour, creed or personal beliefs. This is a children’s environment, a special place for them to develop their own psyche, in their own space and at their own pace.


What parents say about us

Lwalo joined Little Corner House at the tender age of sixteen months. At the time he joined he was the youngest in the school, and had not yet learnt to speak (in English). However, any anxiety we felt as parents was quickly set aside as a result of the loving and nurturing welcome he received at Little Corner House. It was not unusual for us to arrive at the school and find him happily plonked on the knees of one of the teachers. Later, this developed into our son happily independent, singing away, and playing with the other kids.

As parents, we are positively obsessed with the hygiene of the environment of our kids. Particularly for our young toddler, we are particular about cleanliness including timely nappy changes and cleaning of snotty noses. We were quite gratified by the extent to which Bronwyn herself and staff are particular about hygiene. Not only did our son join a school which reflected the standards we apply in our own home, but our son was soon taught simple lessons such as washing hands and tidying up.

We really appreciated Bronwyn’s approach to education, to which our son responded extremely positively. Within a very short period of time, we watched as he became increasingly independent, his vocabulary expanded impressively, and his social skills became quite gentlemanly! Our son is quite the car fanatic, and he also loves singing. We really appreciated the way in which at Little Corner House, he had the opportunity to have his interests woven into his educational experience.

But most gratifying of all was the sheer pleasure and joy with which we were met by our son as soon as he was told we were going to school. Lwalo loved every moment at Bronwyn’s school.

Much as we moved Lwalo to a school more established for older kids, we have no doubt that Little Corner House is a world class educational experience, and I am not sure that Bronwyn herself appreciates the extent to which she has created a wonderful niche offering for younger children.

– Lerato


Sending your child to a school for the first time can be an extremely traumatic experience, and one that is is often thwart with fears around the environment, educators, safety, as well as the educational practices of the establishment.  I was one of these parents who exhibited fears and concerns when choosing a preprimary school for my child.

The Little Corner House immediately dispelled all my fears and concerns.  As one walks through the front gate, they are instantly met with a feeling of warmth. The environment is one where children are given the freedom to thrive while instilling the self discipline to excel through the numerous activities presented to them on a regular basis.   Both my children loved attending school daily and we were extremely privileged as parents to watch them grow, not only in confidence, but in all aspects of development.

The teachers were always calm, professional and above all caring, which is an ingredient so often left out of the education system.  As parents we will be sad when our time comes for our children to move on from the Little Corner House, however, we can feel confident that they have been prepared holistically for the world that awaits them.

  • Mike
I first enrolled my daughter at Montessori Corner in 2011 when she was 2 years old. Like most parents I was very apprehensive about her starting school and leaving her in the care of others, but it did not take long for me to discover that it was a school with highly skilled and caring staff. My daughter was well cared for from the time I dropped off in the morning until I picked her up in the afternoon. She soon settled in and fell in love with the school.

Each morning she would look forward to going to school to play with her friends, play music, create artwork, bake every Friday and hear the stories that were read to them. My daughter spent 2 years at the school and she still recalls some of her friends and especially the staff: Bronwyn, Winnie and Granny (Aunty Cathy).

With my daughters past experience I decided to enrol my son as well last year, and he was the youngest child at the time (just 18 months old). It may have taken him a little longer to settle in but I trusted the staff so much that I knew he too would soon love the school. He now looks forward to school in the morning, has made his own friends and really enjoys the morning.

At Montessori Corner (now Little Corner House) I have witnessed both my children grow in many ways with the help of the staff. They really foster self-expression through their daily routine, which has resulted in my children being well-rounded, responsible and caring.

– Zaziwe


My boys, Reece (7) now in Grade 2 at St. Stithian’s as well as James (5) currently at Little Corner House, have both had the privilege of spending their early years at Bronwyn’s nurturing little school. Little Corner House is a warm, bright, happy place where children learn all the skills needed to prepare them for Big School. We have valued the interactions with Bronwyn and her amazing staff over the years, as well as the support that all parents welcome in navigating the parenting landscape. We will miss them terribly next year when James goes to Grade R.


In the short time my Chloe has been at Montessori she has really flourished!

Her vocab has exploded and I can’t help but notice how every day she becomes more and more of her little self. It’s wonderful to watch! I look forward to seeing who she becomes at Little Corner House!

– Andy

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We do not have “Open Days” at LCH anymore, as everyday is an Open Day!  We welcome visitors and guests, please do come along and stay for a while.  Your observations are valued and the children quite enjoy having visitors.

Please do call ahead, so that someone can be sure to be free to pay some attention to your needs, on 082 523 7909.  We look forward to meeting you all.

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